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ZEISS MyoVision Pro Lens

The next generation of ZEISS myopia management single vision lenses specially designed for children.

We know that the anatomical and lifestyle needs of children, as well as their lens fitting parameters, may differ from those of adults. That’s why now is time for the next generation of MyoVision ® Lenses by ZEISS, specially designed for children.
ZEISS MyoVision design applies the principles of Peripheral Defocus Management: the correction of the peripheral “hyperopic shift” affecting myopic eyes sends a signal to the eye to reduce the progression of eye elongation, which can result in the reduction of myopia progression1.

The benefits for the wearer

Specially designed for children's anatomy and lifestyle
Specific design with the goal of reducing myopia progression1
Easy, simple and child-friendly adaptation

ZEISS MyoVision Pro Lens Design

With standard single vision lens

MyoVision Lens Standard


Ensures that the image is projected onto the retina centrally (for optimum vision) but induces myopic defocus in the periphery (for myopia control)

The correction of the natural peripheral “hyperopic shift” affecting corrected myopic eyes sends a signal to the eye to reduce continued eye elongation that may result in the reduction of myopia progression1

With MyoVision Pro lens

MyoVision Lens Standard


The unique spectacle lens manages peripheral hyperopic defocus, with the goal of reducing myopia progression in children’s eyes


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